Nature of Code – Creative Coding and Voice Visualization

Team: David Lin

Role: Programming, Visual Design

Duration: 3 months

I used p5.js to develop several interactive projects in Nature of Code class.

MYoice, the Final Project

MYoice is a concept for a storytelling machine, which is part of my capstone project. The machine encourages users to tell their own stories. It visualizes people’s voice in patterns and allows them to re-access their own stories. They could also share their stories (both the audio piece and the visual pattern) with others.

the users interact with different versions of MYoice

In NOC class, I tested the idea of visualizing people’s voice to help them feel intimate to talk to themselves.

some abstract patterns generated by the users’ voice

In addition to abstract patterns, I used the points and lines to create characters of “Me” in English. When users see the blank canvas, they could choose their “Me”s written in their favorite colors and start reflecting.

movements of “Me” generated by the users’ voice

As a storyteller, story lover and someone who loves the feeling of getting close to nature. I wish to explore new and natural ways for people to reflect on their lives by talking to themselves and see the power and the metamorphosis of their stories.

水·The Beauty of Us, the Midterm Project

“水” has several meanings, in Chinese it means water, but in Taiwanese, it also means “you are so beautiful” and is pronounced as “Sui”.

I get inspiration from a famous Chinese novel called “The Story of Red Mansion”. In the novel, one famous quote stated that “women are made of water”. 

experiments of the droplet effect

My project intends to show how the water forms the people and how beautiful it could be to show the beats and rhythm of people using the water flow. I use several concepts to imitate the movement of the water, including bounce, oscillation, gravity, attraction, and splice (disappear). To make user interacting with the water, I also experiment with the Computer Vision of the webcam.

the final piece mixed the users’ movements with the droplet effect

Other experiments

flocking system

perlin noise