3 Dimensions – Video Arts about Urban Life and Self Struggle

3 Dimensions is a video installation project that combined three different animation pieces with projection mapping. The project aimed to show people’s different emotions in three different environments: urban area, suburban and natural world. 

1) Final Video of 3 Dimensions

I recorded people’s facial expressions, combined the video footage with animation and ink flow recording, and projected them on the masks to create a realistic feeling.

2) Ink Flow Recording

3) Development Process – Video Editing

The project had three phases, which came together to show how people escaped from the hustle and bustle to reached a natural place where they felt the inner peace and joy.

Phase1: The city. The first phase starts with showing people’s reaction living in the hustle and bustle of Shanghai city.

Phase2: The suburban. In between phase 1 and phase 2, I used the stop-motion animation technique to show the escape process and bridged the whole story.  I created the rain effect using AE to show the desperation of the escape.

Phase3: Nature. The last phase showed the joyfulness of people after their escapes. Inspired by Chinese Ink painting, I dropped ink into water and record the flow to show an abstract and natural feeling. Then, I combined people’s favorite color’s ink flow footage with their facial expressions.

4) Projection Mapping Set-up