Amoy Tennis Park

Amoy Tennis Park is a laser-cut and hand-constructed architecture model.

The project is a re-design of an unused tennis facility in my city(Xiamen), which occupied 45,000 square meters’ space. The redesign aims to meet the standard of the international tournament and provided the public with an available tennis facility.

Xiamen is famous for its botanical-like environment. I want to carry on the same feeling in this redesign by improving the planting rates and utilizing the currently unused lake as the welcoming pool for the tennis park.


The place, sketches of the redesign and laser-cut file



the final model (laser-cut and hand-assembled)


During the class, I also designed gifts for my favorite tennis players and used a laser cutter to make these gifts. My post was liked by Belinda Bencic, former world rank No.7 in WTA and I got autography from Alexander Zverev, current world rank No.4 in ATP.


gifts for Roger Federer, Nick Kyrgios, Stan Wawrinka, Alexander Zverev and Belinda Bencic


Belinda Bencic liked my post