Bloomp – Interactive Lamp that Flows with Hand Movement

Bloomp is an interactive lamp, which redefines the switch of the traditional lamps and adds a natural feeling to the experience of using them.

Inspired by the beauty of the flower blooming mechanism and Chinese paper folding, I designed the foldable structure, which could be used to control the brightness of the light. In addition, the structure encourages users to save energy usage.


a user interact with the prototype

The project is still in the prototype and user-testing stage. 

Sketches of the Bloomp

3D Model in Rhino

Bloomp SQUARE:

Bloomp ROUND:

Laser-cutting Model Prototype Using Recycled Cardboard

Bloomp 1.0:

In this prototype, I made my own screws using cardboard, which fit the style of the lamp and decreases the friction in joints.

Bloomp 2.0:

In this prototype, I use distance detection to change the brightness of the lamp.