Turtie – T-Shirt Design for the Personal Brand

Turtie is an original alien character I created in my studio art class using Chinese Gong Bi Painting.

Born and raised up in a small seaside city in China, I was shocked when I first came to Shanghai and took the metro at the peak time.

peak time in Shanghai metro

It took me a while to get used to the crowdedness of the metro and the phubbers around me.

In the studio art class, I created Turtie to mirror my experience. Turtie is a reptile who comes from the ocean and looks like a mixture of turtle and butterflies. In addition, It stores water in its body which allows it brings its friends to travel with it.  One day, it accidentally lands in Shanghai and starts its exploration journey. 

the original Turtie

Nowadays, many people in China comes to Shanghai or Beijing to chase their dreams. As part of this group of people, I wish to commemorate such experience. Thus, I print Turtie on white T-shirts to create my first clothing line, called “DLO”, which stands for David’s Cloths.

DLO and Turtie in the metro

I visited Yi Wu, a small town in south China famous for clothing manufacturing to find suitable manufacturers for DLO. 

visit Yi Wu to find the manufacturer for DLO

series of DLO