Hihi, this is Junchao! People also call me David!

I am a user researcher & systematic designer in practice, and a storyteller & media artist in heart.

Currently, I am a User Experience Research Intern at Duolingo, leading research for China Team and Duolingo English Test. I am also working with Dr. Laura Dabbish at Carnegie Mellon University Human-Computer Interaction Institute’s CoEx Lab as a visiting researcher (previously as a full-time researcher). I am leading a deep-dive research on account sharing behaviors in romantic couples. I am using mixed research methods including interviews, diary study, participatory design and research, research through design, and quantitative data analysis to explore ways to support couples’ information sharing.

I am passionate about understanding social phenomenon in this intertwined physical and digital world, and using design and research to explore better alternatives for human beings and the rest of the world. I am interested in exploring wicked problems using systematic research and design methods like transition design, and using participatory design and research to leverage individuals and communities as units for positive changes to happen in the socio-technical system.

In my spare time, you can find me biking, hiking, playing tennis, badminton, basketball, or swimming, 99.9 % chance outdoors  🙂

I also enjoy making art such as Chinese calligraphy, Chinese Shuimo painting, and taking photos.



Two papers Understanding and Designing for Disaster Preparation on Social Media and Designing a Self-efficacy Game for Health Literacy in Marginalized Communities got accepted to CHI 2021 as late breaking work.

Started my intern at Duolingo as a User Experience Researcher, working with China Team and Duolingo English Test (DET) Team.


Our work “It’s Our Mutual Responsibility to Share”: The Evolution of Account Sharing in Romantic Couples. got accepted to CSCW 2021 as a full paper.

Link: Expected to come in March.


I attended my 1st CSCW and presented my poster abstract about romantic couples’ account sharing behaviors.


Our work â€śDid You Just Purchase a Butt Head on Amazon?”: A Diary Study of Couples’ Everyday Account Sharing got accepted to CSCW 2020 as a poster.

Link to the publication: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/3406865.3418340


Started my full-time research associate position with CoEx Lab, directed by Dr.Laura Dabbish.